Travel Guide


Travel Guide for Chile

In general, November through March is the best time to visit Chile as there’s not as much rain compared to other months. Unlike North America, November is about the start of the summer of Chile, and coastal areas and national parks will become crowded. Consider planning your trip early if you are travelling during the busy season. Be sure to check the weather forecast on when you are planning for the trip. 


Transportation: Uber, as well as other local ride-sharing services such as Didi, Pink Car, Cabify, and Beat are available in Chile. If you are traveling between Santiago and Rancagua, or Santiago and Talca, there’s also train routes available. 


Stays: Many people would use and Airbnb when they are booking vacation stays. ArriendoChile is a local website to help you compare vacation homes or hotels from multiple sources for the best rate. 


Visas: For US citizen travelers, visas are not required to enter Chile. For non-US citizen travelers, a Chilean Visa might be required. When planning for your trip, check the official Chile travel advisory posted by the US Department of State. If you encounter emergency situations or need assistance, contact the US Embassy in Chile for help.