Travel Guide


Travel Guide for Indonesia

The best time to visit Indonesia is usually April through October of each year. Indonesia has warm to hot temperatures throughout the year, but during winter months there are a lot of rains. If you want to avoid rainy days as much as possible, July to September is your best time. Be sure to check the weather forecast on when you are planning for the trip.


Transportation: Gojek and Grab are two popular “super apps” that can help you get around in Indonesia. They not only offer ride sharing services, but also provide delivery and payment services to make your life easier when visiting Indonesia. Indonesia has a train network, please refer to the official KAI website for train route options if you are travelling inter-city.


Stays: and Airbnb are popular vacation stay booking platforms. If you are looking for the best rate, TempatPenginapan is a local website to help you compare vacation homes or hotel rates from multiple sources in Indonesia.

Visas: Visas are not required for US Citizens who are staying under 30 days for tourism purposes. Please refer to the US Department of State website for travel alerts or restrictions. The US Embassy in Indonesia can offer local help and assistance if needed.